About Us

Realizing the great need to educate the black community about their rich cultural heritage, Black History Tours was established in 2000, a company that is geared to sensitizing and educating the black community through educational, historical tours. We utilized global best practices to incorporate the black community in the design and development of the company’s tourism products and services. We understand that educational tourism is a great tool to promote positive domestic relationships, encourage academic learning and heightened foreign diplomacy.

We understand the need to educate the current generation about their history which has encouraged us to offer different tourism services as an opportunity to teach the younger ones. Our tours are designed to take students to sights about black history, literature, visual art, migration, religion and socio-political advocacy.

BHT has collaborative strategic partnerships with UNESCO TST, services hundreds of school districts, civic groups and churches nationwide, the Florida Task Force on African American History, the National Civil Rights Museum, The Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau and many other prestigious organizations and institutions throughout the United States.